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Business Opportnuity
CNI is not just another player in the intricacies of the World Wide Web.  CNI is developing the first program of its kind, that will encompass a world-wide network to shop, sell, disseminate information and secure one's destination.

Investing in or becoming apart of this company will - without a doubt change the way you work, play and live.  But in order to get involved, there is a 45 day waiting period for CNI to arrange an interview, answer any questions conduct a complete credit check and work history and go through a discovery period to identify if this is something you are suited for.

Once this 45 day period is completed and you are accepted CNI will assign a territory based on the investment program you apply for.

The CNI program is designed to protect all its members through its unique process, meaning that CNI's objective is not just based on assigning territories.  This process as mentioned above insures that the operator of an assigned territory will be diligent in his or her business and maintain the business program with integrity, leaving no room for failure.

After all, the most important factor to this program's success is retaining customer loyalty, which can only be accomplished by a strong team that believes in the programs philosophy.

Like any business venture, it creates an instant reaction - you like it or not.  Then comes the feeling of security - you feel it or not.  So in short - CNI has developed an opportunity for anyone who wishes to become self employed or establish a more cost effective method to marketing a product or service in your own town or nationally.

As a consumer or seller, it is just a better way of maintaining a peace of mind, knowing that shopping by internet or in person is approved by an organization that cares for total quality assurance

Reseller Program

There will be two types of representatives:


An Associated Merchant Reseller, represents CNI's banner.  This dose not change an AMR's existing products or services only how they purchase products for resale and promotion of their business.

This process is fully described in the CNI business plan, which will be issued to potential prospects.

After an AMR Rep. has been qualified, they will pay based on the demographic profile of their territory a fee starting from $500 to $900 annually, to be listed in our directory as a qualified member and to be promoted through the CNI network.


Area Business Reseller's will be licensed distributors that will represent all of CNI's products, services and concept.  This is not a franchise but a business opportunity that is being created for individuals that have the desire to run their own business and that can demonstrate strong leadership from past experience.  So you keep 100% of the profits made from your territory.

As an ABR, your responsibilities will be running the day to day functions like any other business, promoting the services, interacting with people, associations, local businesses and managing your staff (see ADR).

The territories are broken up in city blocks and are designed to generate a substantial income for an ABR.  However, if you live in a village, town or city less than 40,000 people you will still have a chance to earn an excellent income.  This is based on the share structure that you collect every year, which is described in the CNI business plan and will also be handed out to all qualified potential prospects.

The share structure comes from an investment pool, which is distributed to every ABR on an annual base.  This is designed to also compensate ABR's that are in smaller communities that cannot generate the income level that is expected for all the ABR's.

Once accepted as our "ABR" representative he/she will be required to pay a one time License fee.  The investment includes:

       Marketing rights to promote CNI's concept, products and services

       Training and ongoing support

       Paid advertisements through the network

       Listed in the CNI Directory

       Ten year Club Membership

       Computerized price list (internet appliance is extra)

       Free Internet Access!

       National Recognition!

The License fee for a city block is $200,000 and for a town or city with a population of less than 40,000 the license fee is $140,000.  However, for the first six months this fee will be $25,000.00 for village, town or city block, with an option to pay 9,500.00 down and have the balance financed by CNI.

Unlike some licensee programs, CNI allows the ABR to conduct business as usual and when ready to retire, can sell the operation along with its goodwill and at its current value or transfer it to a family member.  However since CNI does not take any fees or royalties the territory License does not belong to the rep but allows him or her to work as a self-employed individual, declare business expenses and manage his/her own personal affairs.  This allows them to operate their own business with the support of a major corporation.  This also ensures the territory will have complete dedication in the quality of service that CNI is striving for.


An Associated Dealer Representative, assists an ABR.  As an ADR you are entitled to all the member benefits and allow you to create a business for your self.  This provides you as an ADR to receive a residual income for as long as you meet your monthly quota.  You are paid twice a month directly from CNI's Head Office into your bank account.

The cost to become an ADR is $250 with an annual membership fee of $50. The fees are used to cover all administrative expenses and provide you with all the necessary material to promote CNI's products and services.

in this web site you do not see and products or services offered by CNI directly that is for one specific reason - we are saving the best for last.

To find out how you can become apart of this exciting opportunity please email us for more information or application at: